SMHS Registrar to Retire

This contribution is from our friends at San Marino High School’s Titan Shield.

Kathie Blanton
Kathie Blanton

By Debbie Hwang ‘16
Features Editor

At the end of this year, our very own Mrs. Kathie Blanton will be leaving SMHS and enjoying retirement. For the past 17 years she has worked at the high school, has coached multiple teams, and has been our school’s registrar. Mrs. Blanton’s job is extremely important to all as she is responsible for keeping all student records accurate and organized. As the registrar, she also makes sure all new students feel welcomed. Mrs. Blanton would meet and enroll all the new students who will be attending the high school, withdraw students who can no longer attend the school, gather and check the grades from the teachers, make sure the report cards are correct, and upload information to colleges and state organizations. Mrs. Blanton works on the very tiny details that keep our school in check. “Leaving the school is very bittersweet. It’s been a great campus to work at and I’ve enjoyed working with the kids and the staff. I’ve made some good relationships that I know will continue after I leave here. SMHS is such a great family,” Blanton said.

During the time of her service at SMHS, Mrs. Blanton has also become the club advisor for Mending Kids International Club, an organization that gives sick children life-saving surgical care while advancing education and training towards medical self-sufficiency in their communities. She has also made some great community connections with parents she is planning on staying in touch with. She is also planning on continuing volunteering with the organization after retirement and keep in contact with those she has met throughout the years of working with the club.

Although she will miss her work environment, she is also glad about leaving certain aspects of her job. “I guess I won’t miss the 7 o’clock start time to my day. I also probably won’t miss all the work I’ve put my time into, so I’m excited to be having some leisure time,” Blanton said.

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