Chu Names Ivy Sun Woman of the Year

Ivy Sun was named Congressional Woman of the Year representing the City of San Marino, at Congresswoman Judy Chu’s 8th annual Congressional Women of the Year Award Ceremony at the San Marino Center on Saturday, Apr. 8.

“I want to acknowledge the incredible mayor of San Marino once again for hosting us, Mayor Richard Sun!” Chu began. “And, by the way, he has another reason for being here today. His wife, Ivy Sun, is being honored,” Chu said enthusiastically.

Sun was one of 17 women honorees from California’s 27th Congressional District, which Chu represents.

“These are women who stood out in our community because of their drive and commitment to give back to the San Gabriel Valley,” Chu said of the 17 honorees.

She added, “So let me say to each of the honored woman that are here today, being chosen from amongst so many, you are truly deserving of this honor because of your commitment, dedication and hard work. It’s a testament to the admiration of your neighbors and your fellow citizens. You are a true role model for what you do.”

Woman of the Year Honoree Ivy Sun, Congresswoman Judy Chu and Mayor Richard Sun

Chu introduced Sun as “a lifetime educator with over 30 years of experience,” who “has dedicated her life to providing quality education to the youth in our communities.”

She highlighted Sun’s experience as the CEO of South Hills Academy in West Covina, noting that Sun “made sure its students would be critical thinkers and effective communicators in the global world.”

Chu also recognized Sun’s leadership within the Chinese of Club of San Marino, which Chu said has “one of the most prominent Chinese language schools in the San Gabriel Valley.”

Also noted was Sun’s leadership as a commissioner on the LA County Landmark and Record Commission and as a found member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the International Leadership Foundation.

Sun’s role in the creation of San Marino’s Centennial Book and as a co-author of the recent book, “Practice Happiness: 7 Habits of Joyful Living,” was also acknowledged.

After accepting her certificate from the Congresswoman before a packed hall inside the San Marino Center, Sun thanked Chu for the honor.

“Thank you so much, Congresswoman Judy Chu. It’s truly an honor for me to receive this award and it really means a lot to me,” Sun said.

“I’m especially blessed and honored to learn about all the fellow recipients today. You are all outstanding leaders in your communities and you will be a model for me as well,” she noted.

“I’m also happy to learn that once in a while I get to be nasty, right?” she said, the crowd bursting into laughter at the term that has been embraced by women since President Donald Trump’s derogatory use of the word. “That’s good to know.”

Sun praised Congresswoman Chu for her impact on the 27th Congressional District.

“Judy, as you all know, is a very strong leader. She believes in everything she does. And she’s dedicated and passionate about what she choose to do,” she said.

“Thank you all for coming today. And especially my friends and family thank you for your support. And of course, my husband, Dr. Richard Sun, who happens to be the mayor of this wonderful City of San Marino,” Sun concluding, thanking Chu for choosing San Marino to host this year’s ceremony.

Kev Kurdoghlian is a recent graduate of UCLA, where he studied political science. He joined the San Marino Tribune in April, 2016 as its Assistant Editor of News. He covers civic meetings and activities related to San Marino. You can reach him at

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