U.S. Navy Seaman Emile Bayle, Illinois, 1949

Salute to Our Veterans: Emile Bayle

Emile Bayle was 19 years old, had just lost his father, and – admittedly – was lacking in direction.“I didn’t know what to do,” said Bayle. The year was 1948. Bayle was living in Joliet, Illinois and decided to enlist in the United States Navy. Read More

Transforming Lawns: Making a Difference in the Drought

Photos courtesy of Cordelia Donnelly Well over 1,000 people have come to the 2700 block of Monterey Road to get ideas for their gardens in the past four years. Cordelia Donnelly, who lives on this street in San Marino resolved to create a garden that would be beautiful, interesting and sustainable. Read More

Sts. Felicitas & Perpetua Students Attend JrNYLC

Saints Felicitas & Perpetua School incoming sixth-graders Julian Rivera, Kayla Tan and Nathaniel Rosales  Photo by Stacy Lee For the first time in the history of Saints Felicitas & Perpetua School, three students – Kayla Tan, Julian Rivera and Nathaniel Rosales – recently represented it in the Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C. Read More

Local Lemonade Stand Lands Top Trojan

Lemonade Standweb Practicing one of the axioms he preaches, San Marino resident, USC Athletic Director and Rose Bowl Hall of Famer Pat Haden dropped by a local lemonade stand last week at the precise time this double-fisted reporter was pulling away. Read More

Salute to Our Veterans: Keith McDonald

United States Army Specialist 4th Class Keith McDonald, 504th Signal Company Sacramento, California, 1964 Keith McDonald was sent to the 504th Signal Company Headquarters in Sacramento–a civilian-operated Army depot–where he served as Specialist 4th Class directly under the 1st Sergeant and Commanding Officer. Read More

San Marino Says It’s Best to Stay with CalPERS

CalPERS has undergone changes since the city of San Marino entered into an agreement with them in 1950, the most recent of which is that the state and its schools would increase funding of employee pension funds by 6 percent. Due to these increases, city staff added an extra $1.5 million to the 2015-16 budget for these payments. Read More

San Marino School Board Lays Out Game Plan at Huntington Summit

PICTURED ABOVE, left to right, are Board members Joseph Chang, Nam Jack, Board president Lisa link, Shelley Ryan and Chris Norgaard. Mitch Lehman Photo The notion of six hours spent at The Huntington Library summons up images of leisurely walks through pristine gardens and interaction with one of the world’s truly iconic art collections. But for the five members of San Marino’s school board, the July 17 experience at Arabella and Henry’s former home was strikingly different, but might possibly bring forth similar masterpieces. Read More

San Marino City Council Extends Moratorium

San Marino City Council extended a moratorium prohibiting the approval of any type of permit to develop on specific properties that are unclear as to whether it is commercial or residential. The moratorium is in place for up to one year, but council directed staff to get it done in six months. Read More

San Marino Sponsors 13 Republic of San Marino Special Olympics Athletes

The San Marino City Council is sponsoring all 13 athletes participating in the Special Olympics from the Republic of San Marino. The cost for each athlete is $250, which covers the cost of room, board and entertainment while they stay in the host town. The council originally budgeted $2,500 in the council hospitality account, but increased it to $3,250 total to cover these costs at the July 8 city council meeting.   Read More

San Marino Planning Commission Grants Bellwood Appeal

The San Marino Design Review Committee barely approved the 1565 Bellwood project with a 3-2 vote on May 20, and neighbors were not happy about the decision. A small group of neighbors appealed the proposed plans to the city’s Planning Commission, who took up the case on June 25. Read More

Coyotes Sightings Are Increasing

People aren’t the only ones being affected by the drought in California. Coyotes are too. With the mountains drying up, the coyotes are looking to other sources for food and water. Read More

Salute to Our Veterans: Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell A true Southern California boy, Los Angeles native Bruce Campbell was a freshman at UCLA when he was summoned to a most different part of the world. World War II had broken out in Europe, Campbell was ripped from Westwood and wound up in the Appenine Mountains as a member of the United States Army’s storied 10th Mountain Division as they battled in the Italian Theater. Read More