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DRC Warms Up to Steel Roof Material, Toughens on Gates

Two applications for steel shake roofs were unanimously approved by the San Marino Design Review Committee on Wednesday, Nov. 16. Both homes currently have wood shake roofs. At least three homes with a wood shake...

DRC Approves Side Yard Wall Amid Opposition

The San Marino Design Review Committee approved a one-story addition and side yard wall at 2105 Lorain Road, located at the corner of Lorain and Westhaven Roads. “The addition would fill an existing breezeway and...

1470 Virginia Road Continued Again

The San Marino City Council ordered that a new historic assessment report be prepared to determine, once and for all, the historic status of 1470 Virginia Road. As a result, the council deferred decisions to...

Design Review Committee Contemplates Way Forward Without Wood Shake Roofs

At its Oct. 5 meeting, the Design Review Committee considered three applications in which residents requested to change their wood shake or shingle roofs to different roofing materials. The committee narrowly approved an artificial black...

DRC Approves Two Proposals, Continues Two Others

The proposed teardown of a one-story home at 1865 Rose Avenue was continued by the Design Review Committee at its meeting last week. In place of the existing home, architect Tingting Lu of SGS International...

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Part II

A brief conversation with Planning and Building Director Aldo Cervantes In the first part of “Welcome to the Neighborhood,” The Tribune published comments from members of the city’s Design Review Committee and Planning Commission—advisory bodies...

San Marino Planning Commission Overturns DRC Approval of 2630 Lorain Road

Case Will Have at Least One More Hearing at A Future City Council Meeting A group of nine San Marino residents which appealed the Design Review Committee’s 3-2 decision to approve plans for a proposed...

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Perspectives from Planning Commissioners and DRC Members What are the city’s planning commissioners and design review committee members looking for? Many architects, designers, contractors and homeowners get an answer to that question for the first...

San Marino DRC Members Sworn In, New Leadership Elected

Five residents began their new two-year terms on the design review committee at the city commission’s most recent meeting on July 20. Kevin Cheng, a returning committee member, and Corinna Wong and John Dustin, former...

San Marino City Council Reverses Decision on Thornton Estate

Ruling allows 8,000-sq.-ft. guest house on property to be donated to The Huntington The San Marino City Council overturned the Planning Commission’s decision to deny changes to a proposed 8,000 sq.-ft.-guest house and basement and...

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