Engineer Nathan Foth

Firefighter Lets ‘the Cat Out of the Bag’ at Chamber Event

What started out as a good-natured, small town community event ended in awkward silence and whispered astonishment last Thursday afternoon when Engineer Nathan Foth – who had just been named San Marino’s ‘Firefighter Paramedic of the Year’ for 2015 – lashed out at City Manager John Schaefer’s treatment of Foth and his counterparts during terse contract negotiations that have reached impasse. Read More

San Marino City Council Considers Loss of Taxes

Tom Santley, Committee of San Marino Residents for Measures U & SA co-chair, speaks on the Utility User Tax and Public Safety Tax during a press conference. Approximately $4.6 million is on the line during the November election this year. Voters in San Marino will decide whether to renew the existing Utility User Tax and the Public Safety Tax, which could result in major budget cuts. Read More

LA Hosts 2-Day U.S.-China Climate Leaders Summit

Officials from the United States and China -- the world's top two sources of greenhouse gas -- will hold a two-day summit in Los Angeles starting Tuesday, Sept. 15 to discuss strategies for fighting climate change in their respective countries. Read More

Obama Lauds New Orleans a Decade After Katrina

President Barack Obama paid tribute to New Orleans and its people after seeing first-hand Thursday, Aug. 28 how far the "Big Easy" has come, 10 years after Hurricane Katrina laid waste to swathes of one of America's most famous cities. Read More

San Marino Says It’s Best to Stay with CalPERS

CalPERS has undergone changes since the city of San Marino entered into an agreement with them in 1950, the most recent of which is that the state and its schools would increase funding of employee pension funds by 6 percent. Due to these increases, city staff added an extra $1.5 million to the 2015-16 budget for these payments. Read More

San Marino School Board Lays Out Game Plan at Huntington Summit

PICTURED ABOVE, left to right, are Board members Joseph Chang, Nam Jack, Board president Lisa link, Shelley Ryan and Chris Norgaard. Mitch Lehman Photo The notion of six hours spent at The Huntington Library summons up images of leisurely walks through pristine gardens and interaction with one of the world’s truly iconic art collections. But for the five members of San Marino’s school board, the July 17 experience at Arabella and Henry’s former home was strikingly different, but might possibly bring forth similar masterpieces. Read More

San Marino Planning Commission Grants Bellwood Appeal

The San Marino Design Review Committee barely approved the 1565 Bellwood project with a 3-2 vote on May 20, and neighbors were not happy about the decision. A small group of neighbors appealed the proposed plans to the city’s Planning Commission, who took up the case on June 25. Read More