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    Added: May 15, 2014. 10:13 PM

    I think the market is great but I would bring in a few vendors of fresh produce with a bit more competitive prices and more variety; the market on Sunday morning in Alhambra has a great selection with very good prices but Sunday morning is a terrible time. Maybe some of those vendors would come to the SM market?

    Added: May 23, 2014. 6:00 PM

    I am so happy that we finally have our farmers’ market at long last! I enjoy going on Friday afternoons. I hope it will be sucessful and I don’t want it to go away. There is an incredible knife sharpener there who has made my knives razor sharp. He even showed me how to maintain my knives, patiently showing me how to use my sharpening steel. They also have soap and skin care products, a lady that sells natural spnges from the sea, great prepared foods and wonderful produce. Thank you, San Marino!

    Added: May 29, 2014. 5:37 PM

    Problems with the San Marino Farmer’s Market at it’s current location

    1. It is difficult to get out of driveways for San Marino Avenue and Oxford residents because you can’t see oncoming cars going around 45 mph. It is difficult to go into your driveway because of the cars behind you. You can’t pull over to the side so cars can pass you by. This could be a liability for the city and the Farmer’s Market if there are accidents.

    2. Hurts quality of life for residents on San Marino Avenue and Oxford. Do they have to live with this nuisance every Friday forever? Imagine if the residents near Lacy Park had to deal with the 4th of July traffic every week.

    3. Friends, family, and workers like gardeners or maid services cannot come on Friday and park.

    4. Risk to pedestrians who jaywalk through an extremely busy street to reach Farmer’s Market. Impacted residents may video jaywalkers and establish websites and Facebook fan pages alerting everyone to the liability the city and the Farmer’s Market is creating.

    5. Visitors walking to and from the Farmer’s Market walk on lawns and look down our driveways – it creates a privacy and safety issue.

    6. Trash is left in our front yards and by the street.

    7. It creates a permanent nuisance and potentially decreases property values to have 4 days a month that owners cannot fully have access to their streets and neighborhoods.

    8. Interferes with dentist patients, local merchants, and business people with offices adjacent to the Farmer’s Market.

    9. May create a public relations issue for the city if residents are harmed by the city’s allowing the Farmer’s Market to stay at its current location.

    10. May affect San Marino school fundraising as impacted residents are disappointed with the nuisance created by the city.

    11. Until this nuisance is corrected, compensation should be given to each resident of impacted streets, including San Marino Avenue, Oxford Road, and Monterey Road, for each day the Farmer’s Market is held at its current location.

    12. More consideration is given for film permits. Why does the city care about property owners for filming, but not for every day life? Shouldn’t residents along impacted streets be asked if they want a permanent nuisance?

    13. We have abundant organic food resources, with 2 Whole Foods in Pasadena, 2 Trader Joes in Pasadena, 2 more Trader Joes in South Pasadena and San Gabriel, Sprouts in Pasadena, 2 Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets in Pasadena and Arcadia, and many other traditional markets with organic food, all within a short drive for all residents.

    14. How much kettle corn and knife sharpening do citizens of San Marino need?

    15. If you wish to keep the Farmer’s Market, please move it to one of our city’s schools or other properties where there is ample parking, privacy is not an issue, and no harm is done to residents quality of life.

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