• 24 Members and Associates of Pasadena-Based Gangs Charged

    PASADENA – A multi-agency investigation into gang-related crime in the San Gabriel Valley has led to federal charges against 24 members and associates of Pasadena-based gangs and drug trafficking organizations in the San Gabriel and Antelope Valleys for their roles in a narcotics network in which methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin were supplied from Mexico and distributed widely in southern California.

    The announcement was made on behalf of multiple agencies participating in the San Gabriel Valley Safe Streets Task Force, to include the Drug Enforcement Administration; the Pasadena Police Department; the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI.

    A federal grand jury in Los Angeles returned three indictments on December 3 that were unsealed today and charge the defendants with a variety of violations relative to the narcotics distribution networks.

    Two of the defendants were already in custody prior to today’s operation; two of the defendants were deported; three of the defendants are unidentified subjects; 12 defendants were arrested during this morning’s operation; and five are considered fugitives.

    In addition, task force members executed 10 federal search warrants at locations throughout the region to seek evidence linked to Operation Rosebud.

    Operation Rosebud targeted the street gang known as “Vario Pasadena Rifa” (VPR) whose members are known to distribute large quantities of methamphetamine in the city of Pasadena and surrounding areas in the San Gabriel Valley. VPR operated through a network of suppliers that facilitated the delivery of pure methamphetamine from Mexico through southwest states and ultimately to local destinations. The task force seized more than 60 pounds of methamphetamine, heroin and powder cocaine from sources linked to the drug trafficking organization.

    Those charged in the federal indictments are listed below:

    Amy Morales, 34, Lancaster, Arrested

    Jennifer Elaine Beniche, 34, Rosamond, Arrested

    Michelle Labrador, 36, Rosamond, Arrested

    Horacio Godoy, 33, Rosamond, Arrested

    Vidal Garcia, aka “Billy,” 32, Lancaster,


    Rene Montenegro Martinez, aka “Lil Man,” “Midget,” 33, Palmdale, Arrested

    Ricardo Garcia, Jr., aka “Grumpy,” 21, Lancaster, Arrested

    Jose Salvador Villa, 37, West Covina, Arrested

    Dora Alicia Vasquez, aka “Dora Sanchez,” 29, Pasadena, Arrested

    Ernest Gabriel Alderette, aka “Ernie,” “Turtle,” 32, Pasadena, Arrested

    Edwin Benjamin Ayala, aka “Dex,” 34, Altadena, Arrested


    Francis Kolbjornsen, 29, Hawthorne, Arrested

    Osvaldo Hernandez Limas, 39, Lancaster, Fugitive

    Juan Carlos Garcia, 26, Norwalk, Fugitive


    Jose Daniel Rivera, aka “Clumsy”, already in federal custody on unrelated charges

    Unidentified Coconspirator, #145#, aka “Cousin”

    Unidentified Coconspirator, “163”, aka “Junior”

    Unidentified Coconspirator, “2574”

    Christopher Thomas Delgado, aka “Shorty,” already in state custody on unrelated charges

    Argenis Ariel Rosales, Deported

    Jose Ramos Martinez, aka “Timido,” Deported

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