• LAPD Worried About Dorner on Grammy Weekend

    LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Los Angeles police are worried about being targeted at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, a former Los Angeles deputy police chief said today.

    John Miller, now a senior correspondent at CBS News, said today that former LAPD officer Christopher Jordan Dorner has a plan that could include targeting a police command post at a major incident, such as the nationally- telecast Grammy broadcast at the Nokia Theater Sunday.

    Speaking on the “CBS Morning News” today, Miller said he has talked with Los Angeles police and found them to “have an anxiety factor that is unbelievable.”

    Miller said Dorner probably did not plan to abandon his truck, loaded with weapons, in Big Bear.

    “The reason it was there was not because it was where he was going, he broke the axle,” Miller said on today’s broadcast.

    “He probably left only the ammo he couldn’t carry,” the CBS News senior correspondent said. Miller, a former FBI assistant director, served as LAPD’s intelligence chief under then-chief William Bratton.

    Dorner, Williams theorized, “may have a plan and “could circle back and attack the command post.”

    “Look at the organic things that happen in los Angeles,” Miller said. “There will be the Grammys Sunday in Los Angeles, where you will have a major police command post.

    “I’ve spoken with people there and their problems are very interesting,” Miller said. “One problem is, can they get enough cops to police the Grammys, when they have had everyone out deployed on this?”

    Williams’ comments were made on today’s national telecast, and posted at cbsnews.com later in the day.

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    Added: February 10, 2013. 4:02 AM

    With most of the police force being engaged in the manhunt, and much more police manpower being deployed to guard Dorner’s potential targets, where does that leave the rest of the citizenry? Crime in L.A. didn’t take a vacation. But don’t bother calling 911, they’re all busy right now. You’re on your own. Especially when they legislate your guns away from you. God help the people of California. Glad I don’t live there.

    Added: February 10, 2013. 8:08 AM

    LAPD is probably planning a false flag on the Grammies to turn public opinion.

    Be aware readers… a God that BLEEDS is a dangerous god.

    LAPD needs to make this guy a monster to all who think he has the goods on the corrupt and bleeding establishment.

    If anything happens at the Grammies, it will have LAPD and CIA fingerprints…

    the classic false flag set up.

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