• Injunction Filed Against Assembly Candidate for Releasing Private Data

    A State Superior Court has taken the unusual step of filing a restraining order against State Assembly Candidate Ed Chau and the Ed Chau for Assembly 2012 campaign operation for disclosing the social security number of San Marino resident Joy Lin, wife of Dr. Matthew Lin, who is running against Chau for the open 49th State Assembly seat. The papers were filed yesterday by Superior Court Judge E. Edward Simpson.

    “This has caused a great hardship in our lives,” Joy Lin told The Tribune yesterday. “This has made life very difficult for us. [The Chau campaign] has tried to hurt Matthew and me and I am very upset.”

    Joy Lin said she has purchased a special insurance policy to cover any damages that might arise should her privacy be breached due to the actions of Chau and his campaign, which have released a series of hit pieces against the Lins as the race for the 49th Assembly seat comes down to the final days. In June’s open primary, Lin garnered more than 52% of the vote to Chau’s 34%. The third candidate, Mitchell Ing, was able to collect 13% of the vote and has endorsed Dr. Lin, a former San Marino city councilman and mayor.

    Chau has blamed county officials for not striking Joy Lin’s Social Security number from a 1997 tax lien    document that has since been proven was filed in error.

    “I am shocked and appalled that 49th Assembly District candidate Ed Chau, a trial lawyer, would blame our County Clerk and not his campaign for not redacting the personal information of Mrs. Joy Lin in his political mailers and commercials,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich. “His actions are inexcusable and shameful and expose Mrs. Lin to identity theft for years to come. As a lawyer, Mr. Chau should be in the forefront of protecting privacy rights, not stifling them for political gain.”

    The Chau campaign also published an aerial photograph of the Lins’ San Marino home, though officials believe that tactic is technically legal.

    “This has all been very disconcerting,” said Joy Lin. “A lot of people have been passing by our home and taking photos, which is very much out of the ordinary.”

    The restraining order calls for Chau and his campaign staff to appear before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, November 27 at 8:30 a.m. and prohibits Chau or his campaign from disseminating [Joy Lin’s]  Social Security number.

    One long-time political strategist said he had “never seen such an attack” in forty years of experience.

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    Added: November 6, 2012. 9:39 PM

    A horribly reckless and thoughtless thing for Ed Chau to have done. He will most likely pay for the damage caused to the Lins.

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