• National Merit Semifinalists of the SGV

    SAN GABRIEL VALLEY – The San Marino Tribune congratulates all our local scholars. Here they are in alphabetical order by last name, separated by city and school:

    Gabrielino High School
    Nguyen, Jaclyn L.

    Arcadia High:
    Ahad, Bridget
    Biswas, Aritro
    Chan, Bryan
    Chen, Lucy L.
    Cheng, Jason
    Gao, Eric
    Guo, Bill C.
    Hui, Kimberly Y.
    Kha, Kevin V.
    Kim, Chan-Soo
    Lee, Connor T.
    Lieu, Donovan K.
    Limfat, Sean E.
    Liu, Yiting
    Lu, Ellen Y.
    Miyajima, Anna
    Ng, Stacey C.
    Pang, Brandon
    Song, Weilin
    Sun, Mengyuan
    Sun, William J.
    Wang, Anna X.
    Wang, Kerry X.
    Wang, Su
    Win, Suyee

    Lucas, Andrew S. (La Salle)
    Yu, Alyssa M. (Maranatha)
    Mudica, Eleanor R. (John Marshall)
    Waller, Madeleine (Mayfield)

    Ball, Alison L.
    Cheng, Justine
    Davidson, Catherine S.
    Grimmett, Sarah G.
    Hathaway, Kathryn L.
    Kim, Erynn J.
    Lang, Electra B.
    Lee, Caleb Y.
    Mecum, Lillian C.
    Olinski, John P.
    Olive, Jacqueline K.
    Ou, Phillip
    Sanders, Christopher P.
    Sitwala, Amy R.
    Smith, Danielle C.
    Xu, Audrey H.
    Yang, Tanya S.

    Kim, Yeoung K.
    Liu, David
    Senthilkumar, Shyam
    Shao, Kei
    Tsai, Wendy C.
    Yeung, Matthew J.

    Bai, Yu
    Chan, Alan K.
    Chee, Daniel W.
    Chow, Justin D.
    Chuck, Ashley C.
    Halkett, Megan C.
    Harding, Nathaniel C.
    Hung, Anthony
    Johnson, Beatrice X.
    Lam, Sidney T.
    Sheu, Jonathan
    Thai, Emily S.
    Wu, Chloe M.
    Yang, Eric S.




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