• Orswell Promises Leadership, Not Politics, If He’s Elected to Congress

    by Winston Chua

    Jack Orswell met with the San Marino Tribune Tuesday night to tell voters in the San Gabriel Valley why he is the best candidate to representing the 27th Congressional District of California.

    “I know what the government is responsible for and what the government is not responsible for,” said Orswell, a fervent believer in a free society where the government has a minor role in the lives of the people. “After Congressman David Dreier announced his retirement in February, I filed my papers to voice my frustration with the government process. I believe I can help with both jobs and the economy.”

    Orswell, an expert in both law enforcement (having served for 15 years in the F.B.I.) and small business (a 22-plus-year owner of a Monrovia company which environmentally assesses commercial properties) said that his platform is based on four core principles.

    “First, I want to see an expansion of free enterprise and a free market system without government interference,” he said. “I believe the government has overstepped its bounds with excessive rules, regulations, taxes, energy costs, lawsuits and getting too involved with the health care system.”

    In addition to less government regulation, Orswell believes that small businesses are the generators of job creation necessary to “get the economy moving again.”

    Second, he wants to strengthen the national defense of America, both foreign and domestic. Saying, the police, fire and paramedics are “the first line of defense against terrorism,” the 63-year-old said that these first-responders should not be ignored.

    “Equipping and training them should be a top priority,” said Orswell, “in order to prevent Aurora-type incidents locally, nationwide and globally.” Having served dutifully for the FBI, he also possesses an uncanny understanding of both white collar crime and accounting while also working with Washingtonians on a frequent basis.

    As a congressman, Orswell vows to work with other members of Congress and build a better America so that elected officials remember not to represent themselves but the people who put them in office. The common goal, he said, is what’s best for the people of the United States.

    Finally, Orswell, a grandfather of four who are 4, 5 and 6 years old and 10 months whom he calls his “fuel” to his campaign, wants to reform taxes and simplify what he calls a current “convoluted” system.

    “Taxes shouldn’t be the driving force on whether someone buys or sells something,” he said. “It should be the result of a positive transaction, not the cause.”

    Orswell said he has notcied that many small businesses are in a holding pattern of sorts, wondering if tax cuts will be extended before they make a decision on future investments. Orswell wants to make tax cuts permanent and reform the current tax system.

    Without change in Washington, Orswell does not believe the future is bright in America. He wants to ensure that his children and grandchildren have the same opportunities to succeed and prosper that previous generations, including his own, have had in America.

    The Arcadia resident is a graduate of Business Administration at U.S.C. and received his Master’s degree from Woodbury University in 2009 at the tender age of 60, showing his grandkids that one is never too old to learn and that education is a continual process.

    He grew up in Pasadena and attended Pasadena City College before becoming a Trojan.

    Orswell received his Eagle Scout Award in 1964 and has served as an adult Scout leader since 1979. He has been endorsed by Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, Congressman David Dreier, District Attorney Steve Cooley and the Pasadena, Arcadia and Upland Police Officers Association. Voters with absentee ballots can cast theor ballots as early as October 10.

    For more information please visit www.jackorswell.com.  For all but 10 years of his life, he has called the San Gabriel Valley his home.

    Voters can also cast their votes on election day on November 6. The 27th Congressional District encompasses 16 cities including all of San Marino, South Pasadena, San Gabriel, Alhambra, Arcadia and portions of Pasadena.

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