• Lohan Avoids Trip Back to Jail

    LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Lindsay Lohan was ordered today to stop having
    parties at her Venice home while she is under house arrest for violating her
    probation in a 2007 misdemeanor DUI case, but a judge said the actress did not
    violate probation again by testing positive for alcohol.
    Lohan, 24, was summoned to court amid reports that she had failed a
    controlled-substance screening, raising the possibility that she may have
    violated her probation and might be sent to jail instead of serving her
    sentence at her beachfront home.
    After meeting with the actress and her attorney for more than an hour
    behind closed doors, Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner said a previous
    order by a different judge requiring Lohan to undergo alcohol testing expired
    Feb. 25.
    But the judge criticized Lohan for having parties at her home while she
    is serving roughly one month on house arrest for the earlier violation. Lohan
    was recently photographed on the roof of her home, having a party with several
    “Having parties on the roof of your house … is extremely poor
    judgment,’ the judge told Lohan. “You are not to have parties. I’m ordering
    it. You can have one friend over (and) you have to answer your phone.’
    Sautner said Lohan had shown “extremely poor judgment.’
    “Don’t do stupid things that fly in the face of the spirit of the
    court’s order,’ the judge said. “Having parties on your roof … how dumb is
    Sautner scheduled a July 21 progress report hearing in the case.
    The star of such movies as “Mean Girls’ and “Freaky Friday’ was
    sentenced April 22 to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service for
    violating her probation in the misdemeanor DUI case. She is only expected to
    serve about a month on home arrest, due to jail overcrowding.
    Sautner ruled that there was a “preponderance of evidence’ Lohan had
    violated her probation by walking out of a Venice jewelry store as she wore a
    necklace priced at $2,500 that she had tried on in the store.
    The necklace was turned over to police on Jan. 27 by Lohan’s assistant
    after police obtained a search warrant for Lohan’s home and news of the warrant
    was leaked to the media.
    Lohan pleaded no contest May 11 through her attorney to a misdemeanor
    grand theft charge involving the necklace. She was placed on three years
    probation and ordered to complete the jail time and community service that had
    been imposed just under three weeks earlier.
    On May 26, she was booked at the Century Regional Detention Facility in
    Lynwood and immediately released to serve her sentence on home detention.
    Lohan’s attorney, Shawn Holley, said her client has “done nothing
    wrong. She’s done everything right, and let’s give her credit for that today.’

    Holley insisted that Lohan is not under any restrictions preventing her
    from having alcohol.
    “Alcohol is a legal substance,’ she said. “So to the extent that she
    tested positive for alcohol, if she did, it’s not a violation of her
    The misdemeanor DUI case stems from a pair of DUI arrests in May 2007
    and July 2007.
    She spent 13 days in a Los Angeles County jail last summer for violating
    her probation in the DUI case by missing multiple classes in a court-ordered
    alcohol education program.

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