• CAIRO, January 31, 2011 (AFP) – Egypt’s new Vice President Omar Suleiman said on Monday that President Hosni Mubarak had tasked him with opening “immediate” dialogue with the opposition amid raging protests against the regime.

    By, Carrie

    As I
    completed last week°òs article on water intrusion, I was forming ideas for a
    follow-up article on mold, the nasty by-product of water intrusion. With all of
    the rain that we were receiving, these topics seemed relevant and interesting.
    As I am formulating this article, the sun is shining and my daughter is heading
    off to the beach for some tanning. I am not going to allow this sudden Southern
    California warm spell to push me off course, though. Since we are still in the
    middle of winter, I would like to discuss the important topic of mold.

    I call
    mold the “lead-based paint of the 21st century”. Lead-based paint became a hot button
    in the 1970°òs, when it was discovered that the substance was hazardous to our health.
    It became a topic of concern with home buyers, and multiple references to lead based
    paint were incorporated into residential real estate disclosure paper work.
    Since it was banned in 1977, most of these toxic walls have been painted over,
    making leadbased

    paint less
    of a problem in residential real estate.

    The new
    hot button for real estate buyers and the topic of several residential real
    estate disclosures, is mold. Mold or fungi is natural and exists both indoors
    and outdoors, most often where there is water. Anyone who spends time in the
    garden has been in contact with mold, because molds play a major role in
    causing decomposition of organic material. The dark dusty substance that you
    see on a leaf that has been lying in the wet soil is mold. There are thousands
    of species of mold, and they play an important part in our environment. Mold,
    like lead-based paint, first became a real estate hot button when it was discovered
    that it can be hazardous to our health. According to mold expert Mark Levy, owner
    of “The Mold Guy”, a commercial and residential mold inspection and testing company,
    “too much exposure to mold may cause or worsen conditions such as asthma, hay
    fever, or other allergies. The most common symptoms of overexposure are cough,
    congestion, runny nose, eye irritation, and aggravation of asthma. Depending on
    the amount of exposure and a person’s individual vulnerability, more serious
    health effects – such as fevers and breathing problems – can occur but are
    unusual.” Levy points out that mold can grow almost anywhere there is water
    damage, high humidity, or dampness. He also claims that most types of mold that
    are routinely encountered are not hazardous to healthy individuals. Most
    homeowners have encountered mold at some point in an under-ventilated bathroom
    and quickly cleaned up the mold with an over-the-counter cleaning product. Problems
    occur when there is a chronic water intrusion problem or the presence of a leaky
    pipe or fixture. These water issues are not always easy to detect and can exist
    in a basement or within the walls. Homeowners need to keep on the lookout for
    signs of water intrusion, which include separated building materials, warped
    floors, or the presence of discolored, peeling or bubbling paint. The presence
    of a musty smell also is a great indication that mold might be growing. Anyone
    who is concerned about the presence of mold in their own home or a home that they
    are considering buying should consider a mold inspection. Levy°òs company will test
    for evidence of mold and develop a plan to remediate any problems found.

    to Levy, removing the source of the moisture is critical to preventing mold growth.
    Without fixing the source of the problem, mold can start growing back within 24
    to 48 hours.

    Levy said
    that hindering interior mold growth starts on the exterior of the house. He suggests
    looking closely at the perimeter of your home, verify that water is not
    gathering at the foundation or making its way through the walls. The soil
    should be graded so that water flows away from the house, and sprinklers should
    be located away from the foundation and their spray carefully directed away
    from the house. Levy also suggests that a well-operating gutter system with
    working down spouts is a must.

    addition to checking for water intrusion from the outside of your house, Levy
    suggests keeping a close eye on the interior “red zones”, which include under
    sinks, washers, and refrigerators. He suggests that every six months homeowners
    look in these areas to ensure that you don°òt have an unknown leak. In
    addition, make sure that your bathrooms are well-ventilated, and take time to
    wipe down the shower each day, to keep it free of excess water. There is no
    doubt that homeowners and buyers alike should be aware of the dangers of mold,
    but there is no need for panic. There are common sense practices that can keep your
    home free of any hazardous mold problems, and there are experts like “The Mold Guy”
    who can thoroughly diagnose any problems. A good place to start is to read through
    the valuable information on their website,www.themoldguyinc.com. Remember that without water problems, there most
    likely is not a mold problem.


    The SMT will be covering the Muslim Brotherhood-led rebellion in the Middle East through its relationship with Agence-France Presse. 

    The Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and is the philosophical parent of Al Qaeda. It has become the leading opposition political party in many Middle Eastern nations.CAIRO, January 28, 2011 (AFP) – President Hosni Mubarak sacked Egypt’s government and vowed to bring in democratic and economic reforms, in a televised address early on Saturday after deadly anti-regime protests.
    ...Read More

    The SMT will be covering the Muslim Brotherhood-led rebellion in the Middle East through its relationship with Agence-France Presse. The Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and is the philosophical parent of Al Qaeda. It has become the leading opposition political party in many Middle Eastern nations.

    ...Read More

    WASHINGTON, January 27, 2011 (AFP) – The financial crisis that engulfed the globe and cost millions of jobs could have been avoided, a US government-appointed panel said Thursday, as they handed the baton over to prosecutors.

    ...Read More

    PASADENA (CNS) – A groundbreaking ceremony was held today for a $152
    million Rose Bowl renovation project that will include wider tunnels, concourse
    improvements and new scoreboards and video boards.

    ...Read More

    LOS ANGELES (CNS) – About two-thirds of all cities and counties in the
    state, including 52 in Los Angeles County, received failing grades in an annual
    report released today by the American Lung Association rating policies to
    restrict smoking and sales of tobacco products.

    ARCADIA – The Children’s
    Hospital Los Angeles cut the ribbon on their new outpatient center in Arcadia
    earlier this week. Staff members present included Richard Cordova, President
    and CEO, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; Brent Polk, chair of the Dept. of
    Pediatrics; and Kelly Iwanabe, administrator of the Arcadia Outpatient Center.

    Arcadia Mayor Peter
    Amundson and members of the Arcadia community, including a representatives from
    Supervisor Mike Antonovich’s and David Dreier’s offices, were present to take
    part in the celebration.

    approximately 12 percent of the inpatients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
    come from the San Gabriel Valley. By establishing a new outpatient center in
    Arcadia, we intend to bring our pediatric expertise closer to the children and
    families living in the San Gabriel Valley, making it more convenient for them
    to access the world-class specialists at our hospital,” said Rich Cordova, CEO
    of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Evaluation and follow-up care are now

    A variety of outpatient
    services are offered at the center, including gastroenterology, opthalmology,
    orthopaedics, pulmonlogy, and otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat). Pediatric
    surgeons are also available.

    “Our physicians provide
    the most diverse pediatric services available on the West Coast,” said Brent
    Polk, MD, director of The Saban Research Institute, chair of the Department of
    Pediatrics and vice president of Academic Affairs at Children’s Hospital Los
    Angeles. “This new center gives San Gabriel Valley families and their children
    access to our outstanding outpatient clinical services right in their own

    SOUTH PASADENA – Barbara Oliver of Pasadena has quite a tale to tell. She says that her mother’s cat, Millie, was born 26-years ago to a mother named Pixie, who had her last litter when she was 12. In human years, not unusual. In cat years, very unusual.

    LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Home sales in Los Angeles County dropped 14.9
    percent in December, compared to the same month a year ago, while prices dipped
    by 2.7 percent, a real estate information service reported today.

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