• PASADENA (CNS) – Motor homes, trailers and other large vehicles parked
    along the route of Saturday’s Rose Parade will be visited by Pasadena police
    beginning Wednesday to ensure parade-goers are complying with regulations and
    looking out for scofflaws.

    LOS ANGELES (CNS) – The rain that doused the Southland over the past
    week is gone, but more of the wet stuff could arrive Wednesday and again next
    weekend, according to the National Weather Service.


    Acknowledging decades of contributions to not only the San Marino community but also to his country, family and in the sphere of his professional outreach, the San Marino Tribune proudly names long-time resident Alan Steinbrecher as our Citizen of the Year for 2010. And as a volunteer for numerous charities and her husband’s top supporter, wife Millie deserves special mention – we’re quite certain Alan wouldn’t have it any other way.

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    Many thanks to the entire community for your donations and continued support throughout the year, and we wish you and your family the
    happiest of Holiday seasons as well as health and prosperity in the New Year.

    The San Marino Schools Foundation?s office will remain closed until January 2nd. It is not too late to make a year-end contribution, we highly encourage you to visit www.smsf.org to make a gift before
    December 31. As always you can also mail your donations to our office. If you
    have any questions please call and leave a message at 626-299-7014
    626-299-7014, we
    will be available to answer questions and return calls on the morning of
    December 31st.

    The San Marino Schools Foundation may be contacted at (626) 299-7014 (626) 299-7014 Our mailing address is the San Marino Schools Foundation office at 1665
    West Drive, San Marino, CA 91108.

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    LOS ANGELES (CNS) – The number of California adults who smoke declined
    42 percent from 1988 to 2009, according to the state health officials, who
    unveiled a series of anti-tobacco television advertisements today in Los

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    by Winston Chua

    PASADENA – Members of Pasadena’s Mosaic Church do more than
    just attend Sunday services and then go home, although there is nothing wrong
    with that.

    They also meet
    Thursday nights to discuss ways in which the Gospel can come to life. The
    people appearing on the front page attend a small group that is called
    Worldwind, which explores issues of social justice both locally and

    Still, it is not exclusive to members who are extra devout
    or who have a significantly higher purpose in life.

    “One of the
    things that interested me about Mosaic was that it was a community of faith,
    and also one where people could ‘belong before they believe,’” said Worldwind
    group leader Sheena Nahm. “In that sense, our small group is totally open to
    whoever wants to drop by and read or discuss the Bible.”

    Currently, the group is studying the book “The Hole in Our
    Gospel,” a compelling true story of a corporate CEO, Richard Stearns, who set
    aside worldly success for something more significant. He uses his journey to
    demonstrate how the gospel, the whole gospel, was meant to be a world-changing
    social revolution that starts with each believer.

    Worldwind is
    one of many small groups from Mosaic, “and there are a lot of really great
    things happening as a result of the small group communities and other ministries
    at our community of faith,” said group member Holli Fisk.

    by Winston Chua

    SAN GABRIEL – The list of San Gabriel City Council
    candidates was released last week. They are made up of current San Gabriel
    Councilwoman Juli Costanzo, community organizer Chin-Ho Liao, lawyer John
    Harrington and San Gabriel school
    board member Philip Hu.

    Here is a
    brief summary of three of the candidates, Costanzo, Liao and Harrington.

    Former mayor
    Costanzo said she will offer “continued energy and experience in getting the
    job done as a long time resident, business owner and former Executive Director
    of the Chamber of Commerce.”

    In addition,
    she has been a part of what she calls the most aggressive Captial Improvement
    Project in the city’s history.?

    She said she
    has not missed a San Gabriel City Council meeting in eight years and is
    committed to making sure that citizens and business owners of San Gabriel get
    the best value of every dollar they spend.

    Chin-Ho Liao
    said during his press conference announcing his candidacy that he promises to
    be a liaison for the diverse San Gabriel community and create more economic
    development. He wants to stimulate business growth in the Mission District, so
    long as the standards of the old mission are kept and there is no unnecessary
    traffic in that area.

    Liao, the
    current San Gabriel Rotary Club president, has been a part of various
    organizations (such as the Asian Youth Center, YMCA, San Gabriel Mission, SGV
    Medical Center) for the past 20 years and says he will work in the best
    interests of San Gabriel’s school district.

    Harrington is
    self-employed with his own law practice, specializing in consulting for
    construction companies. He is married with two daughters and has coached his
    daughters in PONY baseball, AYSO soccer as well as the San Gabriel Girls fast
    pitch softball league.

    He said he is
    committed to making the community a better place. In 2005 he helped found the
    Friends of La Laguna and prevented the historic La Laguna playground in Vincent
    Lugo Park from being demolished. He went to St. Francis High School in La
    Canada before graduating from Loyola Law School.

    by Winston Chua 

    SGV – L.A. County’s public affairs manager declared that
    since 1993, water has been flowing down the hillsides that lead to the Santa
    Anita Dam and to the Sediment Placement Site, bringing with it the sediment and
    silt that reduces the capacity of that dam and makes flood protection, safety
    and water conservation far less effective. There are also seismic concerns.

    This knowledge
    has forced L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich and board members to take
    action and remove sediment before things get worse.

    This water and debris affect Arcadia, Sierra Madre, Pasadena
    and neighboring cities, as it affects water importation and drought
    consideration. According to county spokesman Kerjon Lee, there are 500,000
    cubic yards of this that must be removed. Think of it this way: that is the
    equivalent of the size and density of 500,000 washing machines.

    The resulting
    damage of the Station Fire of 2009 are only going to make the situation worse,
    over the next three to five years.

    Los Angeles County leaders are trying to increase the
    capacity of that dam and remove the silt and deposits. Roughly 75 percent of
    Arcadians and the entire city of Sierra Madre will have their water supplies
    impacted as a result.

    But there is
    an effort from environmental community to save some or all of the 11 acres of
    land that could be affected by the uprooting of valuable oak and sycamore

    December 16 at 7 p.m. at Highland Oaks Elementary School located at 10 Virginia
    Road in Arcadia, there will be a discussion from local residents and residents
    of the county who will see if there are substantive alternatives to the current
    proposal, which could include wiping out a good chunk of oaks and sycamores.

    Glen Owens,
    founder of the Big Santa Anita Historical Society and a Monrovia planning
    commissioner, is one who said that it is “criminal” to touch the pristine oak

    The county is
    100-percent responsible for the project, according to Arcadia City Manager Don
    Penman and Arcadia City Councilman Bob Harbicht and has opposed trucking the
    sediment because it could potentially interfere with homeowners, schools, noise
    pollution and traffic with the vibration and dust that it causes. He is in
    favor of a 1-mile conveyor-belt system to transfer the dirt.

    Last week, Mike
    Antonovich and county board members agreed to put a 30-day hold on the dam

    by Winston Chua

    ARCADIA – Three Arcadia Rotarians, its president Matt
    Weaver, Arcadia City Councilman Bob Harbicht and Rose Mares will be making
    their way to a remote village in northern Thailand in early January to help
    provide people there with clean water.

    Roughly 100
    people live in this particular village where, currently, residents of the
    village must walk a quarter of a mile for the nearest water source without the
    guarantee of clean water.

    This is not
    the first trip for Weaver, an insurance broker, who has made consistent trips
    to Thailand to provide water and transform villages and even lighten the burden
    of carrying the water to the village. He last went two years ago.

    “We’re trying
    to get more rotary members involved,” he said. Weaver, a devout Christian, will
    be bringing both physical and spiritual living water to people who might need

    “I’m intrigued
    by what a relatively small amount of money and manpower can do,” said Harbicht,
    who has been a financial supporter of the effort for a number of years. The
    team of three will help build a water system that includes pipes to bring water
    to the village and a concrete cistern.

    A generous
    financial contributor to the effort is Ernie Posey and the Posey Company.
    Various other members of Arcadia Rotary have also made financial contributions.
    The three voyaging members will provide support to workers who are already in
    Thailand laying foundation for the clean water.

    The Rotarians
    will travel from a larger Thai city and travel eight hours to and through a
    jungle to help change lives in the remote village.

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