• Millions of Southern Californians will be on the roads for the long
    Memorial Day weekend, and gasoline prices have dipped…..

    SMT: Chief Schaefer, what is new at the San Marino Police Department since last year’s SMPD tribute issue?


    CERTAINLY wasn’t the cakewalk Titan tennis fans have become accustomed to, but
    San MarinoHigh School’s netters did enough Tuesday afternoon to advance to the
    CIF semifinals, when they travel to Palm
    Desert next Tuesday with
    yet another spot in the finals hanging in the balance and the sands of their
    stay in Division II sifting away.

    Thanks to
    the overall improvement of the Rio Hondo League – Temple City and La Cañada also earned berths
    in Tuesday’s quarters – the Titans will do business with the Division I big
    boys next season. Co-coaches Paula Bush and John Kuramoto hope their charges can
    strike while the iron’s hot, and the team’s 10-8 victory over neighbor Arcadia did the job –
    barely. Burnt in the CIF finals last year after shanking a seemingly
    insurmountable advantage, Titan tennis has learned to count every point, and
    the calculators could be heard Tuesday.

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    complete story, read the San Marino Tribune print edition

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    academic performance by turning in the highest API –
    Academic Performance Index – test scores of any unified school district on the
    State of California
    for a remarkable sixth straight year. In the process, San
    Marino High School
    and Huntington Middle School both achieved a 10/10
    rating, the highest marks achievable.

    The results
    of the state-wide testing was released last Thursday by State Superintendent of
    Public Instruction Jack O’Connell.

    For the
    complete story, read the San Marino Tribune print edition

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    “It is the most exciting idea I ‘ve heard in years and it
    could totally change opthalomology,” said Dr. Stephen J. Ryan, president of Doheny
    Eye Institute and a resident of San
    Marino. He was guest speaker at the
    Luminaires luncheon meeting May 13th at the Valley Hunt Club.

    Ryan is the
    founding President of the National Alliance for Eye and Vision Research (NAEVR)
    and is Home Secretary of the Institute
    of Medicine of The National
    Academy of Sciences.

    explained the revolutionary idea being developed at Doheny, that instead of
    having to go back and forth to see an ophthalmologist or go to an office for scheduled
    tests you would just look into a set of binoculars, then data would be
    transmitted electronically to a physician who would be able to interpret that data..
    He said” Now you can go into a pharmacy or places where you can put out your
    arm to check your blood pressure or have your pulse checked, etc. Wouldn’t it
    be great if you could have your vision checked and screened in a similar way so
    you didn’t need to go the doctor or technician?”

    illustrated this concept with an iphone. Holding it up, he touched an icon that
    might check your vision, touched another one that might do a retina
    examination, touch another that could do a muscle balance test, all the while
    looking into the binoculars.

    At the
    conclusion of his talk a check for over $83,000 was presented to Dr. Ryan.

    New members
    include San Marino residents Mrs. George Good, Mrs. Fritz Seitz, Mrs. Marvin Solomon
    and Mrs. Billie Youngblood-Knolle, Pasadena
    residents Mrs. Willis Blakeslee, and Ms. Shirley Goldsmith and from Arcadia Mrs.
    Joseph Sposato and Mrs. Gregory Jennings, a Los Angeles resident.

    Barbara Heublein handed over the gavel to incoming president Lucy Hilands of San Marino
    as the new board for 2010-11 was presented.

    officers are: President, Mrs. James H. Hilands (San Marino); Vice President,
    Mrs. Lynn Reitnouer (San Marino); Recording Secretary, Mrs. Hamilton Kelley (Pasadena);
    Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Granvillle Thurman (South
    Pasadena); Treasurer, Mrs. Charles Crowley (Pasadena);
    Assistant Treasurer, Mrs. Edward Wopschall (La Canada). Historian, Mrs. Virginia
    Barger (San Marino); Hospitality, Mrs. Eugene Bell (San Marino), Mrs. Austin
    Hathaway (San Marino); Membership, Mrs. George Thomas (Glendale), Mrs. Austin
    Smith (South Pasadena); Newsletter, Mrs. Herbert Hezlep (San Marino);
    Nominating, Mrs. William Still (Pasadena); Parliamentarian, Mrs. Charles Malouf
    (Pasadena); Public Relations, Mrs Richard Cooper (San Marino); Roster, Mrs.
    Edward Teal (LosAngeles); Ways & Means, Mrs. Carl Hulick (Pasadena), Mrs. Charlotte Acret; four Members
    at Large plus Past President Heublein.

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    Wednesday May 12th, members of the San Marino Woman’s Club met at the Blinn
    House for a delicious luncheon and to celebrate the installation of the
    incoming Board.

    Centerpieces of colorful spring flowers
    adorned each table.

    Talle Peery performed the ceremony, presenting
    each officer with a potted plant as she read their duties.

    In keeping with the Club’s goals, donations
    were made to five worthy charitable and community organizations.

    Mama Korell introduced the
    representatives who gave a brief description of how the donations would help
    their organization.

    Accepting the K donations were Joan
    Whiteneek and Cathy Klose for Foothill Unity, Victoria Stubrin from Union
    Station, Floraline Stevens from Blinn House Foundation, Gretchen Romey of Hill
    Harbison House and Ann Dallavalle from San Marino’s Crowell Public Library.

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    POMONA (CNS) – A Juvenile Court judge today found a 14-year-old boy
    guilty of starting the Morris Dam Fire, which burned nearly 3,000 acres of
    watershed north of Azusa last summer.

    SAN GABRIEL VALLEY- The Weather Report

    The South Coast Air Quality Management District
    predicted air quality that will be in the good range in the South Coast Air
    Basin tomorrow.

    LOS ANGELES (CNS) – About 30 people — some of them members of the Tea
    Party movement — held a rally in front of City Hall today to protest the Los
    Angeles City Council’s vote to boycott Arizona over its law cracking down on
    illegal immigration.

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  • The Ice House will present two nights of gut-busting laughter, when Frank Nicotero and Frances Dilorinzo co-headline on August 15 and 16....
    Happy New Year! Rose Parade Float Trophy Winners...
    The Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District issued a warning to San Gabriel Valley residents to be on the lookout for an invasive species of insect called the Asian Tiger Mosquito (Ae. albopictus) which could be carrying a debilitating virus...
    It takes something extraordinary to keep me in San Marino at 8:00 p.m. on a Friday – a student performance or sporting event being the most common – but I admit to being a little bit of a curiosity seeker last weekend....
    Local fine artist Sam Nicholson is donating 25 percent of any of his paintings purchased by supporters of the Pasadena-headquartered non-profit Hillsides....
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